IT Management Consulting

Executive Consulting firm providing exceptional service to major corporations

Project Management

Successful project completion is a two-pronged effort: managing the project and leading the people. Projects are all about scheduling, cost and product ...add 



Regulatory Data Management

We help you understand the origination and flow of data through your organization's ecosystem.

The end goal is to help you Integrate, Improve and Govern the enormous amount of data at your disposal



Microsoft Solutions

We help you leverage technology to optimize your business and profits.
Our Excel For BankersTM workshops will empower your resources to build great charts, identify trends and summarise information seamlessly and effortlessly 



Parasol Consulting


Parasol Consulting is an executive consulting company that specializes in Project Management, Regulatory Data Management and Microsoft Solutions


Our ability to create value for our clients is driven by a culture founded on common values: Trust, Teamwork and Accountability


For over 15 years we have had the pleasure of creating solutions for our clients across North America.  Our current clients include companies in the Banking and Telecommunications sectors

Founded in 1998


White label consulting services


Launched in 2010

Project Management / Technology Solutions Company


3 Employees

10+ Associates

Multiple Partner Companies

Privately Held Company

Business Information


Toronto, Canada

Accra, Ghana

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