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Project Management

Successful project management is a two-pronged effort: managing the project and leading the people. 
Projects are all about the triple constraints - time, cost and scope.  
People are all about concerns, communication and cooperation.


Parasol Consulting's approach provides you our expertise in business and technology projects and strong change management skills.  This ensures that people, processes and technology work together to strengthen your bottom line
Let us build a Project Management framework for your business.  A PM framework is an online repository which houses all your project templates and documents.  It also contains the guiding principles which your project managers will use to start and manage your projects.

This ensures that all projects are tracked and managed according to specified corporate principles and adhere to industry standards on Project Management.

Sample Projects

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Build of an OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) data mart model to centrally house feeds from various sources (Emptoris, PeopleSoft, General Ledger etc) to enable end-user dashboard reporting


Prepaid Vouchers

Automating the payment and internal accounting management of supplier payments 


Wire Transfer Automation

Automating supplier payments by wire transfers. 


Regulatory Data Management

At the heart of Parasol's business is the improvement of existing processes.


We focus on efficiency - saving you money, and effectiveness - achieving the desired results.


We use technology to streamline your existing tasks which will result in cutting your costs reducing cycle time and improving quality.

Sample Projects

PeopleSoft One Card

Migration of Purchasing Card and Corporate Card to a single Travel & Expense credit card in line with PeopleSoft 9.2 rollout.


eBudget Financial Management

Online financial budgeting and forecasting application allowing users to plan and forecast their department's technology expenses.


Travel & Expense Receipt Attachment

Attaching digital images of corporate expense receipts to expense reports


Microsoft Excel Solutions

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application is a universal language spoken in all offices, including yours!  It is the world's most popular productivity tool; there is no office job currently that does not require some basic knowledge of Excel.


At Parasol Consulting, we use Excel and other technologies as problem-solving tools to streamline your existing tasks to cut costs, reduce cycle time and improve productivity.


Are you searching for a database solution to manage your customers, suppliers or other corporate data?  Give us a call


Our Excel For Bankers & Other Professionals workshop is specifically tailored for your business.  This workshop is targeted for anyone who uses, or plans to use, Excel in the workplace.


Increase your productivity today! Click here to find out more.

Sample Projects

Project Approval Form

Flagship product which leverages the power of Excel to automate approval of projects.


Excel For Bankers & Other Professionals

Structured workshops tailored to the corporate professional, using workplace examples.  Offered by an industry professional with over 15 years Banking and Telecoms experience. 

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